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    กแ Principal investigator



    Tae June Kang

    Associate professor

    Advanced Materials Lab.

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, INHA university


    Contact: tjkang at inha.ac.kr, 032-860-7304



    2009 : Ph.D. Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. Seoul National Univ.

    2005 : M.S. Mechanical & Aerospace Eng. Seoul National Univ.

    2003 : B.S. Mechanical Aerospace & Automation Eng. INHA Univ.



    2015-present : Associate Professor, INHA Univ.

    2012-2015 : Assistant Professor, Pusan National Univ.

    2010-2011 : Post-doc. Associate, Nanotech Institute, Univ. of Texas



    กแ Researcher



    Jei Gyeong Jeon


    M.S. course

    Research interest: Energy & environmental composites


    Email: newjg91 at nate.com

    Office: 032-872-7304

    Juhyun Kim


    Combined M.S. and Ph.D. course

    Research interest: Thermal electrochemical cells


    Email: juhyun4280 at gmail.com

    Office: 032-872-7304

    Hyeong Jun Kim


    Student intern

    Research interest: Meniscus dragging deposition


    Email: 01099236115 at naver.com

    Office: 032-872-7304

    Hee Cheol Yoo


    Student intern

    Research interest: Heat dissipation and thermal interface


    Email: yhc36700641 at gmail.com

    Office: 032-872-7304

    Tae Goo Lee


    Student intern

    Research interest: Hybrid thermal energy harvester


    Email: snpark61 at naver.com

    Office: 032-872-7304