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    재료과학 (Materials Science and Engineering)

    수치해석 (Numerical Analysis)

    초소형 기계시스템 (Micro/NanoMechanical systems)



    초소형 기계설계 (MEMS/NEMS)




    학부생 연구 프로그램 (Undergraduate Research Program, URP)



    학부생들에게 연구기회를 부여하여 예비 연구자로서의 기초연구능력 향상 및 우수한 연구인력 양성을 도모함

    전시회 및 학회발표, 한국과학창의재단-학부생연구지원사업, SCI 급 국제공인학술지 학술논문 게재 (아래 참조)


    "Optically tunable haze film" project accomplished by Jae Yeol Park


    Carbon, 96, 805–811, 2016


    Transparent, flexible composite films with switchable haze are presented that respond stably and rapidly to applied bias. The composite film is based on the laminated structure of all flexible materials, such as the polyethylene terephthalate substrate, graphene, paraffin-polydimethylsiloxane (P-PDMS) organogel, and PDMS overlayer stacked in order. Upon applying a bias, the graphene is Joule-heated...read more



    "Thermobattery" project accomplished by Kyoung Min Bae


    International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, 16, 1245-1250, 2015


    We report a thermobattery that can efficiently harvest low-grade waste heat.Simple and scalable dipping and drying process was applied to prepare the SWNT coated textile electrodes (SWNT-CT). The SWNT coating not only decreases the sheet conductance of the textile remarkably but also provides the number of available reaction sites for thermogalvanic conversion, resulting in improving electrical outputs...read more


    "Tubing shaped thermal energy harvester" project accomplished by Hee Doo Yang


    Carbon, 86, 118–123, 2015


    A tubing-shaped, flexible electrochemical thermal energy harvester, which can be wound around various types of waste heat sources, was fabricated. The thermocell utilizes the temperature dependence of the ferri/ferrocyanide redox potential, providing a thermoelectric coefficient of ~1.4 mV/K. A highly porous carbon nanotube sheet, which is wrapped onto a thin platinum wire, was used as an electrode...read more


    "Self-powered humidity sensor" project accomplished by Hyoung Kyu Kim


    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6(11), 8320–8326, 2014


    We reports self-powered humidity sensors based on graphene oxide (GO) and poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) (PSS)-intercalated GO composite films used as the humidity-responsive dielectrics. A hydrophilic and electrically-insulating PSS polymer was used as an intercalant between the individual GO platelets to enhance the water permeation...read more